Udyam Registration Form

Lifetime Valid Certificate of Udyam / MSME for Manufacturing & Service Industry
Provide GSTIN if available
Provide msme number if available
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  Instructions for filling Online Udyam Registration Form
  Mobile Number : Applicant are required to enter his / her Indian        mobile number. Do not add +91.
  Email Id : Applicant are required to enter his / her email id, as            certificate and acknowledgement will be send to registered id.

  Aadhaar Number : Applicant can enter his / her 12 digit Aadhaar      number.

  Applicant Name : Applicant are required to enter his / her name as    mentioned on Aadhaar card, issued by UIDAI.

  Social Category : Applicant can select social category.

  Gender : Applicant can select gender category.

  Physically Handicapped : Applicant can select his / her disability.

  Business Name : Applicant have to enter his / her business name,    as it will get printed on certificate.

  Type of Organization : Applicant have to select the type of                organization, as it will get printed on certificate.
  Pan Card Number : Applicant have to enter his / her PAN card          number in case of Co-Operative / Private Limited / Public Limited /    Limited Liability Partnership. Optional for Proprietorship Firm /            Partnership Firm / Hindu Undivided Family / Self Help Group /            Society Trust.

  GSTIN Number : Applicant have to enter their firm GST Number or    the owners GST Number.

  MSME Registration Number : In case Applicant have already          registered under MSME, their MSME number is required.

  Factory or Plant Address : Applicant are required to enter his/her    complete plant address with state and pincode.

  Office Address : Applicant can enter his / her complete office            address with state and pincode
  Date of Commencement of Business : Applicant have to select        the date of business started, as it will get printed on certificate.
  Bank Account Number : Applicant can enter his/her bank                account number.
  IFSC Code : Applicant can enter his / her bank IFSC code.
  Main Business Activity of Enterprise : Applicant can select the      main business activity.

  Nature of Business or Additional Details About Business              : Applicant can enter additional details about business. (For                example – manufacturing of Food Products, Computer                        Programming, Software Development)
  Number of Male Employees : Applicant can enter number of male    workers in his / her firm.
  Number of Female Employees : Applicant can enter number of        female workers in his / her firm.


  Investment in Plant & Machinery / Equipment : Applicant can        enter the total investment made in Plant, Machinery, and                    Equipment, etc. to start his / her business.

  Turnover : Applicant can enter previous year Turnover of his/her        business.

  Upload Aadhaar Card: Applicant can attach scan copy of Aadhaar    Card front side (jpg,png file < 5 MB)

  Submit Application: Applicant have to click on submit button after    all details and document have uploaded.